My Services

The My Services dashboard presents you with a list of the Council services you are currently subscribed to. These could be Council Tax, Housing Benefits, Council Tax Support, Non Domestic Rates, Landlords or Schools.The page is divided into separate areas, e,g, Council Tax, Housing Benefits, etc. There is some general information on each service for example you can see the last payment received on your Council Tax / Non Domestic Rates account or your current Housing Benefit award.

If you are signed up to multiple accounts for the same service you can switch between your accounts by selecting the property or reference that you want to view. Once you have done this simply click 'Show Details' and you will be taken to the summary page for that area.

To sign up to the new services within this portal you will be required to select the service from the drop down in the Services Setup section. Once the correct service is selected please enter your reference number. If you do not have a PIN select 'Access Now' and answer some questions. Your answers will be checked against the information we hold about you on our system. If your answers match our information you will be allowed to continue and view your details straight away. However, if your answers do not match, or we do not hold enough information on our system to check that it is you, you should select 'Send me a PIN' and a letter will be posted informing you of your PIN.

If you already have a PIN you can enter this by clicking 'Enter Your PIN'.

Once you have signed up to a service if you decide that you no longer want to view this information you can remove the service by selecting 'Remove Account'.

If you want to view personal details you can click 'My Account' where you are given the option to amend your details.

If you want to view recent activity on your account please click 'My History' where you can view a list.